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Higher level products

We offer a wide range of higher level products and custom services, including data visualization, data usage statistics and combined data products.

Higher level data products

Higher level data products are elaborated data products derived by post-processing of EBAS level 0 -1 -2, and data from other sources. The data can be gridded or not.

Higher level data products are derived from measurement data, where the measurements are reported to EBAS. The datasets are derived by e.g. averaging, filtering of events, interpolation of measurement data and are usually the a result of analysis for special studies or processed for model experiments. This archive stores secondary data sets to provide long term access for all users. The measurement datasets are regularly updated mainly due to extension of new years, secondary datasets are normally not updated over time.
Here you can find more information on how to generate a DOI

Data usage statistics

The EBAS database track data usage. In addition to yearly reports of data use, the EBAS team can also create data usage reports on demand. This could for example be usage reports for specific stations, instruments, projects or countries.

Data visualization

The EBAS team has in-depth knowledge of the measurement data in EBAS and can support users in creating specific data visualization products like maps or visualization of data in Virtual Research Environments like Jupyter Notebooks or similar. Please contact the EBAS team if you need support with visualizing your data.