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Data Submission

All data submissions to EBAS need to be in the EBAS Nasa Ames fileformat. EBAS Nasa Ames is a FFI 1001 Nasa Ames format with several extensions specific to EBAS (additional standardized metadata).

In addition to the file format definition, EBAS provides templates for all measurement types. The file format and all specific templates are documented in the EBAS Data Submission Manual. File creation tools and data submission tutorials are available at Tools and tutorials.

Regular Data Submision

Regular data submissions are usual quality assured annual files with data from one instrument. In all cases, we expect at least data level 2 (final, manually quality assured data, usually at hourly resolution). Some frameworks require additionally the submission of lower data levels (0 and 1) in separate files.

All regular data submissions should be uploaded using the EBAS Data Submission Tool. This tool checks the file format, metadata consistency and value ranges. For data submitters which provide data on a network level (many instruments) we provide the possibility for direct upload (please contact EBAS support if needed).

Near Realtime Data Submission

Near realtime data er usually submitted from the observatory directly to the EBAS data center. Usually, the instruments send one file per hour (data level 0). See the EBAS Data Submission Manual for the level 0 file templates.

Technically, the files are transmitted using sftp and public key authentication is supported.

Setting up the NRT dataflow will need direct interaction between the data submitter and the EBAS datacenter. Please contact EBAS support if  you want to set up such a dataflow.